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A stroll through leaves can be the best of times, but cleaning them up can be the worst of times—unless you know how to do it efficiently and effectively.

Tips for leaf removal
Check with your township first to see what’s allowed and what leaf-removal services it offers.
Use a lawnmower to mulch leaves, and spread the mulch around your yard for better grass.
If you have a compost pile, try adding chopped leaves to it.
Add leaves to your garden to create soil-enriching garden mulch (also known as leaf mold).
Choose your favorites, dry them, and incorporate them into seasonal home decor or crafts.

Tips for leaf raking
Bend at your knees, and stand straight instead of hunching over.
Be patient: wait until all or most leaves have fallen to avoid repeat work.
Let leaves dry before raking; wet leaves are heavier and difficult to move.
Mind the wind, which can make a mess of your leaf piles.
Rake your leaves into manageable piles on a large tarp for easier disposal.

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